Introduction to Scientific High-Performance Computing



Maciej Czuchry (ACC Cyfronet AGH), Oskar Klimas (ACK Cyfronet AGH), Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)

The "Introduction to Scientific High-Performance Computing" course will deliver essential information for users who want to start working with the HPC system available at ACC Cyfronet AGH.


  • Introduction to HPC systems
    • login and data transfer
    • command line interface for remote access to a server
  • Available computational and storage resources of Ares and Athena supercomputers
  • Scientific software environment management (Modules/Lmod)
  • Working with queuing systems
    • batch scripts
      • sequential, parallel and distributed computations
    • interactive jobs
    • efficient usage of the SLURM queuing system
  • Documentation and user support
  • Ares and Athena as an integral part of PLGrid Infrastructure
  • EuroHPC (LUMI) - computational opportunities


5 hours


Each user should have a PLGrid account, active affiliation and access to the Ares cluster. Accounts and access to supercomputers could be obtained in Portal PLGrid. If you do not have an active affiliation, please get in touch with organisers at


Training will be conducted via Zoom through the link provided for registered participants.


English/Polish - dependent on the participants.



Organized by

ACC Cyfronet AGH

    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      HPC Intro 20m

      Introduction to HPC systems

      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 10:20 AM 10:40 AM
      Access to HPC cluster 20m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 10:40 AM 11:10 AM
      Computing and storage resources 30m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 11:10 AM 11:30 AM
      Scientific software management 20m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 11:30 AM 12:00 PM
      SLURM resource manager 30m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 12:00 PM 12:30 PM
      Lunch break 30m
    • 12:30 PM 2:15 PM
      SLURM resource manager 1h 45m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 2:15 PM 2:45 PM
      Q&A 30m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)
    • 2:45 PM 3:00 PM
      PLGrid, PRACE-LAB, & EuroHPC 15m
      Speaker: Klemens Noga (ACC Cyfronet AGH)